The Good Night Lamp
 Sven Kräuter

The Good Night Lamp is a family of lamps which allow people to communicate the act of coming back home to their loved ones, remotely. As you turn the bigger light on, your presence home is indicated to your friends whose smaller lamps turn on as well. Inversely, the smaller lamps that you’ve collected from your friends will turn on/off as they come home, go out, go to bed. You’ll never come back to an empty home again.

Each family is composed of a large lamp with an energy saving bulb and powered normally. Each “parent light” is wirelessly connected over wifi to its children: smaller wireless lamps with LED lighting. This allows you to give away the little lamps to your loved ones around the world. Wherever they are, when you turn your light on, theirs will turn on as well.

Collect your loved one’s little lamps so that you can tell when they come home. This also makes for an organic interior lighting as they might be at the other end of the world on a very different timezone (and it might be the middle of your night) when they come back home. Where will you put your little lamps then?