MakiBox A6
 Jon Buford

MakiBox is the first 3D printer designed from the ground up to be simple, completely self-contained, reliable and most important of all, affordable! We’re very excited about this project and we think it’ll be the first 3D printer to break out of the hobbyists’ garages and into the mainstream consumers’ living rooms!

Improvements and Features After building a RepRap Prusa Mendel and using the Makerbot Thing-O-Matic, we realized that 3D printers are still too complicated, large, and unreliable for most technical hobbyists, much less the average consumer. In order to for 3D printing to really take off, we’ve set out to build the most affordable, compact, and easy to use 3D printer yet! Jon took the best from the RepRap (and other open source 3D printer projects) and used his consumer product design experience to create the MakiBox.

The MakiBox is designed to be more simple and reliable than any other in this class. Instead of using complicated belts and pulleys, it uses simple drive screws, reducing the number of parts, the cost, and the assembly and maintenance time. We will pre-assemble the most difficult parts, such as the extrusion head or the drive shaft coupling so that the kit assembly is no more difficult than an IKEA furniture.

The Future of MakiBox
We are just getting started with both the A6 and other devices that will help people build things they need. The next features we will build for the A6 are multi-color printing and plastic recycling, laser cutting and marking, and PCB routing. These new addons for the A6 will turn it into a desktop manufacturing system, not just a 3D printer.