Ambient Awareness
 Franziska Hübler

Is it possible to design an organism that communicates through different senses, and in such a way, that the viewer becomes the designer as well as part of the object?

Ambient Awareness was a pilot project (Ambient Intelligent Tent) from the University of Hamburg Applied Science that explored the creation an emotional connection to ambient technology. This joint project between the departments of Design and Computer Science was lead by Professor Franziska Hübler and Jeremy Abbett from the Design department and Professor Dr. Kai von Luck and Professor Dr. Gunter Klemke from Computer Science with the students Ali Rahimi, Florian Burka, Gesa Troch, Helene All, Henrik Brauer, Henryk Wollik, Janina Mertz, Judith Stryczek, Julia Pressburger, Kai Rosseburg, Kathrin Weigelt, Larissa Müller, Malinka Gdanietz, Marcus Rödiger, Martin Tischmann, Matthias Vogt, Oliver Dreschke, Piotr Wendt, Sebastian Gregor, Sören Voskuhl, Sven Tennstedt, Svenja Keune and Thomas Schulz.